Our First WOTC West–2019

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“Courage + dreams = success”

-Marlee Matin

This past week at Women in The Channel West 2019 was inspiring and motivating. The two days in Palm Springs, CA included break out sessions, keynote speakers, workshops, building relationships and morning yoga!

The event left me with 5 takeaways:

1. Sarah Thomas, the first female NFL official, empowered us with simple math; attitude is everything and don’t let anything stand in your way of your dreams. As you can imagine, she had plenty of roadblocks with being a woman in the world of collegiate and pro football. Her determination and belief in herself granted her the well-deserved title of the first female NFL official. Talk about being a professional pioneer!

2. Michelle Thornton Ghee, Executive, Author, Speaker, People Champion, gave an uplifting and motivating presentation on unlocking the power of diversity and inclusion. Michelle has a true gift of motivation and I personally can’t wait to read her books on being successful.

“Don’t just be good…be great. If someone tells you “Good job on that report”, ask them right away how you can be great. Don’t take “good” as your standard.”

-Michelle Thornton Ghee

3. Christey Meaney from Cranium Networks spoke about gaining inspiration from yourself. She encouraged us to look in a mirror and be true to yourself when you’re about to head into a board room to present your metrics or teach your team something; be confident and stay true to who you are in business.

4. Brooke Cunningham from Splunk discussed that the most successful teams stem from leaders who are true to themselves. She mentioned that the best leaders inspire others to keep their values and be authentic to yourself.

5. Heather Barnes from Market Star encouraged everyone to have empathy in their day-to-day work lives. The ability to understand others’ sentiment and perspective is proven to make the best leaders.

I am so grateful to have met so many amazing, strong, courageous women at this conference and I can’t wait to grow these relationships!


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