Top Must Follow Twitter Chats For Inbound Marketers

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Twitter chats are an easy way to network and build industry connections without the cost of a conference pass or even having to leave your desk. Additionally, they provide a platform for amplification and establishing authority in the industry, giving your company an edge in the thought leadership process. Even with the recent decline, Twitter still has 321 million monthly active users, giving your brand an enormous opportunity for exposure. So, we’ve rounded up a top five list of our favorite and most helpful Twitter chats for inbound marketers. But first, let’s dig into how Twitter chats work. 

What is Twitter chat?

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably seen tweets that begin with a letter and number followed by a colon; e.g. ‘Q4:’ or ‘A2:’, etc. Twitter chats are conducted in a question and answer format, lead by a moderator that asks the questions from their Twitter handle. These typically happen weekly, and use a central hashtag for reference among the chat participants. The moderator poses a question with ‘Q1:’ followed by that central hashtag, and participants reply with ‘A1:’, their answer and the hashtag. This makes it easier for both the moderator and participants to track questions and even search other participants’ answers.

Why should inbound marketers participate in Twitter chats?

Once your social media team is confident and comfortable, they should consider adding these weekly chats to their strategy. As we mentioned before, they’re a great way to network with other marketing professionals and build influence in the community. Here are some of the reasons Twitter chats belong in your social media strategy:

  • Create exposure to build brand awareness while creating value for your online community
  • Grow your social media following while building a more engaged audience
  • Become a thought leader by creating a space where you can share your knowledge and allow other marketing professionals to collaborate, share ideas, and voice their opinions 
  • Gain valuable insights from both consumers and experts that will allow you to hone your marketing strategy 

Our Top Marketing Chats You Should Follow

Not sure where to start? Try participating in one of our top five preferred chats to enhance your marketing strategy, get fresh ideas, and receive feedback from industry experts.


#SEOChat hosted by @Carolyn_Lyden on Thursdays at 1pm EST

The SEO community is an extremely open one, whether it’s sharing strategies and advice or triumphs and failures. Starting off every chat with ice breakers, SEOs and marketers from across the globe get to know a each other’s interests and personalities before taking the deep dive into search optimization and UX improvements. It’s a friendly space for networking, crowdsourcing ideas for your own site or a clients, technical SEO advice and much more. If you’re looking for a place to chat SEO with the head experts on level ground, this is it.


#SEMRushChat hosted by @SEMrush on Wednesdays at 11am EST

This chat is great for both those that are interested in search marketing strategy or those who employ search marketing for clients. This chat holds a great focus on emerging search trends and best practices for taking advantage of those trends. They cover search related topics including website development, landing page optimization, general SEO best practices, and mobile trends.


#PPCChat hosted by @Matt_Umbro on Tuesdays at 12pm EST

PPC campaigns can get complicated, and a lack of campaign optimization can strain your budget. This chat covers all the best practices you’ll need to optimize your campaigns, as well as some search marketing and keyword tactics. You can check out recaps on the #PPCChat blog.


#SproutChat hosted by @SproutSocial’s Rachael Samuels on Wednesdays at 3pm EST

If your social media team is looking for some new tips to refresh your strategy, this chat is a great place to start. Rachael Samuels, Sprout Social Media Manager, focuses on how marketers can make the most out of their social media marketing. The chat usually covers best practices, the latest social media trends, and professional insights for the field. 


#AdweekChat hosted by @Adweek’s David Griner on Wednesdays at 2pm EST

Adweek is a trusted source that covers the latest in media marketing. It’s only right that their Twitter chat upholds the same values as their online publication, covering quite a few topics in the marketing spectrum for advertisers. This chat is more clever than most and revels in sarcasm.


Don’t see any chats that interest you? View this list of Twitter chat schedules for marketers and stay updated on the latest and greatest in Twitter chats. Happy chatting!   

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