Pain Free Dental Marketing drives calls and fills exam chairs with marketing attribution and call recording

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Dentists enjoy marketing their practices about as much as their patients enjoy getting cavities filled. Fortunately, the Texas-based full service digital marketing agency Pain Free Dental Marketing has made it their mission to help practices bring in new patients, so dentists can focus on what they do best.

With such a specialized market, it’s critical that Pain Free Dental Marketing understands each client’s needs and budget so they can execute the right marketing strategy. “At the end of the day, we’re really focused on how many new patients you get each month, as well as what your production is each month,” says Ben Deutsch, who helps head up Client Services at Pain Free Dental. “And we work together then to create a strategy and create a plan.”

Not just an agency, but a CMO for hire

In order to bring in new patients for their clients, Pain Free Dental Marketing balances digital marketing with other offline channels, depending on each client’s needs. This means that, unlike many agencies that only work with specific channels or tactics, Pain Free Dental Marketing functions as a CMO for its clients to help them develop a more holistic strategy.

“While we do focus a lot on digital, we have the capability to do everything from radio to television, to postcards, to really anything that they need,” says Deutsch. “We have a joke here that we would hire a sign spinner to stand on the corner if that’s what would get new patients into your practice.”

Pain Free Dental Marketing’s business model is also based on earning a percentage of the client’s revenue, rather than a flat fee. Success for clients quite literally mean success for their agency, so they have even more of an incentive to go above and beyond for customers.

Considering Pain Free Dental Marketing’s holistic marketing approach and pricing structure, they needed marketing technology that could accurately measure online and offline marketing efforts — especially phone calls.

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Going the extra mile with CallRail

Whether it’s prospective patients asking about service offerings or returning patients scheduling teeth cleanings, dental practices field plenty of phone calls every day. Since a phone call is the marketing touchpoint right before a scheduled appointment, Pain Free Dental Marketing needed a call tracking tool that could accurately attribute phone calls and new appointments to specific channels.

Enter CallRail’s Dynamic Number Insertion feature. By assigning a specific phone number to each digital channel, Pain Free Dental marketing can know with certainty which ones generate the most new appointments. That way, they can allocate spend to the channels that bring in the most revenue.

But Pain Free Dental Marketing knows from experience that a phone call doesn’t always turn into a scheduled appointment, especially if patients receive subpar customer service over the phone. In one case, they were driving hundreds of clicks to a client’s website and increased new leads by about 50 percent, yet new patients were down 25 percent year over year.

“That’s really when we decided that we need to make sure we’re listening to the phone calls,” explains Deutsch. “We have a saying here: The best marketing in the world does no good if the phones aren’t being answered correctly.”

Advanced call tracking features make the difference

Fortunately, CallRail’s call recording feature allows both Pain Free Dental Marketing and its clients to listen to phone calls and ensure that employees deliver excellent customer service.

“We’ve been really able to impact significant changes in our office and our clients’ offices through phone call recording,” Deutsch says. “We have been able to help new employees become really valuable by helping them answer the phone well. And we’ve been able to help our dentists figure out if they have the right staff or not.”

CallRail’s marketing attribution and call recording features have helped Pain Free Dental Marketing not only make sure their marketing spend drives phone calls, but also that those phone calls receive the excellent customer service necessary to convert into scheduled appointments. In fact, the data they get from CallRail is so valuable, Pain Free Dental Marketing makes it clear to clients that they literally can’t work without it.

“We need to know what’s successful, and we need to know if calls are being answered,” explained Deutsch. “At the end of the day, especially in the dental world, so much business is done over the phone. If the phones aren’t getting answered correctly, the best marketing in the world isn’t going to grow the practice.”

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