Titan PPC helps clients dig deeper into their data with call tracking

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Vancouver-based agency Titan PPC knows a thing or two about the ‘quality over quantity’ approach to marketing. Instead of offering a host of services to their clients, they channel their expertise and resources into pay per conversion marketing, which delivers more immediate results. 

At the same time, as marketing reporting becomes more accessible and commonplace for business owners, Titan PPC has seen more of their clients asking for deeper analytics. In order to deliver on these requests, they use CallRail to fill in data gaps and achieve more accurate ROI reporting.  

Making PPC measurement more accurate with call tracking 

Titan PPC includes call conversion figures in their reporting for one key reason: They’re critical to achieving an accurate assessment of PPC campaign effectiveness. 

“If we’re not reporting those calls as conversions, then the end client doesn’t see the full picture,” Titan PPC founder Patrick Schrodt explains. “The cost per lead or cost per conversion would look much higher. But once you add 20, 30 calls in — which are conversions or leads — then that cost per conversion goes down.”

As valuable as call tracking may be, many tools are either too barebones or aren’t user-friendly for agencies and their clients. That’s why Titan PPC switched to CallRail for clients who need more robust call tracking and reporting — not only does CallRail reveal which campaigns generated which phone calls, it can also generate reports that break things down according to the search keyword that drove the call.

“An account manager can see there’s 50 phone calls and know exactly what keyword generated them,” Schrodt says. “The biggest benefit is we can report back and say, ‘From a campaign level, out of Vancouver, you had 20 calls through these keywords.’” 

With such granular analytics Titan PPC can accurately prove ROI to their clients, while also uncovering the data they need to optimize campaigns. 

This has been — and still is — particularly true for one of Titan PPC’s top ecommerce clients, who uses the the data gathered in CallRail to trace calls to ads, and then uses lead-scoring features to intelligently qualify leads for follow up

“In the last 30 days alone, we’ve tracked 90 to 130 paid ad calls, where they were completely in the dark before,” Schrodt reveals. “We are able to say ‘Hey, you guys are generating a lot of calls from this.’ And they can qualify the calls as well, which is handy for them.” 

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