How CallRail helped Neon Ambition boost lead tracking by 80%

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This case study is a guest post written by our friends at Neon Ambition, one of CallRail’s Agency Partners.

As a full-service marketing agency based out of Austin, Texas, Neon Ambition focuses on helping our clients grow their businesses through content, SEO and PPC. Rather than working to amass a long list of business partners, we instead focus on forging strong relationships with a smaller number of clients. 

We see ourselves as a partner with a vested interest in our clients’ success — after all, when they do well, we do well. That’s why our top priority for clients is to drive traffic and increase conversions as much as possible. And most importantly, we want to give them undeniable proof that our campaigns are strategic and successful with hard, quantifiable evidence. 

So when a hip, popular local Austin client asked us for help with increasing their client base, we were incredibly excited to learn more about them to see what we could do. They explained that in their industry, most clients convert over the phone rather than online. When we heard this, we knew that one of the most important third-party services we should introduce them to was CallRail, so that we could start tracking those calls.  

When we found out that 80 percent of their leads came from phone calls, we were surprised. When we found out that their current agency was not tracking this calls, we were floored. And when we told them we could help them increase lead tracking by 80 percent just by implementing a call-tracking service, they were sold. 

Onboarding and tracking

Part of the onboarding process with all of our clients is to implement CallRail, so this client was no different — but instead of tracking an odd call here or there, we’d be tracking the majority of their leads through this service. We also had to make sure we were using the right plan for them to cover the volume of calls being funneled through CallRail. Once that was settled, and a number pool was implemented along with the necessary integrations, we were ready to start tracking. 

In short order, the client was very pleased with the results of our tracking efforts. They were now able to see just how many calls were coming in, along with the source that drove each of those calls. They could determine how many calls came from their PPC campaigns, from organic searches, and from returning or direct visitors. 

Tracking ROI/ROAS

We were able to take call tracking a step further and assign an average call value to each conversion. In order to do that, we took the revenue brought in from calls so far in 2019 and divided it by the number of calls. By doing this, we were able to show how much money (on average) each of those calls brought in. 

For example, if we put an estimated call value at $100 for each call and we received 200 calls, we could then claim $20,000 in revenue from the calls. This enabled us to show ROI or ROAS (return on ad spend) on our campaigns to prove our value to the client in a more concrete way. 

Historically, our client’s efforts to track ROI had been wildly inaccurate, with a huge chunk of revenue missing from the picture. Before, they were only tracking about 20 percent of their revenue generated by ads without call tracking and conversion value. But now, thanks to CallRail, they’re tracking 100 percent of their revenue. 

As a marketing agency, it’s also imperative that we demonstrate the concrete value we bring to our clients. CallRail’s tools helped us do just that, helping us track ROI with 80 percent greater accuracy. 

Now, we can calculate hard numbers for our client’s marketing spend versus the total value of all conversions, giving us highly accurate insights into how our work had improved their ROI. After just a few months with CallRail, our client has been consistently obtaining ROAs at over 200 percent month-over-month. 

Keyword Tracking 

What’s more, CallRail also enabled us to discover the specific search keywords associated with each call, as well as bid modifiers to rank for top searches. This increases the performance of our ad campaigns and ramps up both our SEO strategy and rank — a winning combination for long-lasting success.

As an added perk, incorporating CallRail tracking into our PPC campaign also helps us understand which keywords see the highest organic search volume, giving us a leading edge on our SEO campaigns as well.

Call tracking insights drive new strategy

We know that we are increasing conversions and business for our clients — specifically this particular client, who has seen clear growth since partnering with us. But more importantly, the data we gather in CallRail helps us illustrate this growth in an analytical way, allowing us to highlight measurable results that prove our value to our clients. Ultimately, this helped us increase transparency and build trust with a very valuable client, which is a must for any agency.

This approach not only improves our relationship with existing clients, it also strengthens our reputation and helps us earn new clients by proving the value and efficacy of our work. Potential clients can know exactly how much revenue they’re making from their investment with us, and therefore know that it’s worth their hard-earned money. 

Additionally, these insights are helping us hone our processes to understand more clearly what works and what doesn’t, and how that applies to the various industries we work with. With tools like CallRail in our arsenal, we can feel more confident about the strategies we recommend for clients and present data-backed solutions to new prospects.

It’s all part of our commitment to bring the best service and streamlined advice to our client base. We’re proud to call ourselves a CallRail Agency Partner, and to be able to offer their superior tracking services to our customers. We can say — conclusively, and from experience — that it pays to invest in the right tools.

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