Lessen holiday headaches with a PRM solution

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The holidays are for turkey eating, eggnog drinking, tree trimming and gift giving. They’re for spending time with family and friends. It’s pretty hard to have a holly jolly holiday season if you’re holed up in your office, or constantly tied to your laptop or phone. That being said, supporting your channel partners is a 365 day a year commitment. You don’t want them wringing their hands about reaching out to you during the holidays. You don’t want them constantly getting your voicemail or out-of-office messages if they do.

You don’t have to choose between your partners and a happy holiday anymore. Today’s partner relationship management tools help you help your channel partners – even when you’re lingering over that second piece of pie. Cloud-based and available on a plain old workday in May or during the hustle-bustle of Christmas morning, next-generation PRM platforms create an easily-accessible, automated one-stop shop for your channel partners. They can easily find content or process paths without reaching out, creating more time for both of you to make holiday memories.

Deck the halls with easy deal registration.

The holidays are not a time for drama, so staving off confusion, frustration and friction around deals is imperative. A good PRM solution lets partners register deals right within its interface. Automated, simple and with a clear process in place, it will make registration a snap for your channel partners. They’re able to protect their investment and hard work on their leads. Everyone can have confidence that there will be no duplicate deal disagreements. When you return from holidays, you’ll have clear insight into exactly what’s going on in your sales pipeline. Efficient and effective, a PRM solution makes deal registration as smooth as a sleigh ride.

Make marketing merry.

Success in this modern sales world depends on stand-out marketing, and that means giving your channel partners effective content to use at each step of the sales funnel, no matter when that falls. A PRM solution takes the heavy lifting of passing along content off your plate. It serves as a home for all your marketing materials, giving you the ability to structure them to help partners find what they need, when they need it. 

Help them take it a step further with the power of co-branded content. A PRM solution will offer on-demand co-branding opportunities, allowing partners to add their logo to already-created and vetted collateral, creating super-polished materials they can immediately use. Having a clear, consistent and easy process is going to make it way more likely partners capitalize on effective cobranded content that will boost sales and brand potency. Best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Sharing cheer and guidance.

Truly empowering channel partners depends on coaching them through the sales funnel. There’s an art to choosing what collateral to use, and when to use it. A PRM solution will act as an insightful and inspiring sales coach – even when you’re on the couch watching football and noshing on leftovers. Playbooks are an excellent and efficient – but hands-off – way to guide channel partners through various scenarios. If you arrange your content based on verticals, personas, life-cycle stage or business outcomes, you are creating an automated system that will turn partners into sales prodigies, without hand-holding. A partner platform becomes the one-stop shop partners know they can go to for guidance.

The gift that keeps on giving.

A modern partner portal takes a plethora of the weight of day-to-day channel partner support off your shoulders through automation and centralization. It’s going to help your channel partners freely access the resources, training and tools they need. It’s going to give you the analytics that show you exactly where your channel partners are at. That’s absolutely imperative during holiday festivities, but also when you are off for a week of R&R, home sick, have family engagements or when any other life realities pop up. No matter the time of year, PRM solutions have the power to reduce your workload, lessen headaches and expenses, and better support your partners.

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