The 5 Key Pieces of an Effective Partner Management Technology Stack

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Does your partner technology stack have your back? Partner channel success is pretty much impossible if it doesn’t. A top-notch tech stack puts you on the fast track to sales success. So how is yours stacking up?

Every tech stack is built out of a combination of the hundreds, if not thousands, of solutions out there. Partner channels are unique, and require a very specific combination of tools and technologies. When that optimal mix comes together, it melds into a seamless, smooth-flowing and effective partner program. Here’s a tried-and-true recipe for a partner technology stack – and partner channel— success.

1. A CRM.

First up, customer relationship management (CRM) software is an absolute must-have. How are you going to sell smart if you don’t have a complete view of your pipeline? A CRM allows for partner data and indirect sales data to be housed in your source of truth, which makes it easy for analysis and segmentation. Your PRM helps manage your relationships with partners and provides partners with enhanced visibility into the deals they’ve registered.

The bridge between Allbound and your CRM allows you to be able to assess your channel health, as well as see all of your deal registrations in one tool while still providing your partners with visibility into their deal progress as it moves through your buying stages. Your CRM helps streamline lead flow for internal sales teams while also tracking revenue potential at various stages of the sales cycle.

2. A marketing automation platform.

Let’s face it – marketing is of utmost importance, but it can be a real time suck getting effective collateral to each and every partner. That’s why an automated marketing platform is key to include in your technology stack. It will automatically deliver partner campaigns and selling tactics to channel partners as they need them, and should sync perfectly with your Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform. An automated marketing solution is a tech stack win-win: it’s going to take the weight off your shoulders, while consistently providing partners the impactful collateral and know-how they need.

3. A content creator.

You can toss all the content you want at your partners, but if it’s not organized, engaging and effective, what’s the point? A great partner technology stack will include a stellar content creation agency like SmartBug. In essence, it will add a team of marketing gurus to your roster to help you create and execute a compelling marketing game plan. Look for an agency that specializes in partner content. That expertise will help you build the effective and curated content strategy that’s a must-have for success in today’s market.

4. An account mapping tool.

How’s your pipeline of potential partners? Keeping it filled with strong prospects can be a never-ending challenge. That’s why your tech stack should include a tool that makes filtering quality prospects a lot easier by shedding light on just how aligned you and a potential partner are. Crossbeam is a game changer in this regard. It compares your prospects and a potential partner’s prospects, then shows you the overlap without revealing your whole pipeline to them. If their target market aligns with yours, it’s a strong signifier that the prospect is a good fit and that your partnership will be a successful one. An alignment tool is a must if you want to make it easier to prioritize partner leads.

5. A PRM solution.

Last but certainly not least: what good would a channel partner tech stack be without a PRM solution? It’s the thread that weaves all the other elements together. It’s going to provide your new partners with an automated onboarding process, welcoming them and helping them get acquainted with your tools and resources. It gives them a home base, and puts a spotlight on engaging them. Because really, if partners aren’t engaged, the rest of the tools in your tech stack aren’t going to be used to their full capacity. Among so many other awesome features, it’s also going to provide you the analytics that will help you constantly analyze how your processes, tools and resources are working.

Together: a dream team.

The perfect partner technology stack is proof that the whole is so much better than all its parts. These solutions are all awesome on their own, but it’s only when you bring them together that you create a seamless, synchronized experience that is going to empower channel partners and drive your mutual success.

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