14 marketing agency directories that will generate leads for you

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Lead generation is a critical process for any marketing agency. If you want to help your clients find leads of their own, you had better be able to perform this service to grow your own business first. A marketing agency directory can be a valuable source of these leads.

If you’re a serious marketing agency, you need to establish a presence across multiple directories to increase visibility, build a reputation, and generate an influx of leads that will deliver revenue to support and grow your agency.

Directories can be found in many different places. Some are offered through technology partners you may use to support various marketing services you offer to your clients, whereas others might be maintained by organizations dedicated to highlighting success in the marketing industry. Others may be found through third-party organizations created to connect businesses with marketing and other business solutions.

Ideally, you’ll want to get your agency into as many relevant listings as possible. Although this list is far from exhaustive, it will give you a good starting point to begin adding your agency to directories with the greatest reach and lead generation potential.


Technology partner directories

Technology partner directories are set up by large marketing technology businesses that want to offer an added benefit to their clients. Your agency likely depends on one or more of these services to support marketing for your clients. A listing in any of these directories can be a valuable link back to your site, and a potential source of new leads.

1. Marketo

Marketo’s LaunchPoint solution is a great resource for finding agency partners. The platform links to reviews from G2 (more on that directory later) to supplement its own in-depth agency profiles, contact form functionality, and excellent search features while helping clients navigate their options, filter results, and find exactly the kind of services they’re looking for.

This listing is also available to the public, which can increase exposure for your agency. Note that you do need to be an active Marketo partner to be listed in its directory.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot isn’t a public directory, so its visibility to prospective leads may be limited. But what your agency lacks in volume, it can make up for with quality. HubSpot opens its directory only to tiered partners, and these tiers are achieved through marketing performance and volume of business.

This means your organization can’t buy its way to the top of the directory. But through sustained marketing success, you can elevate your visibility and enjoy high exposure from excellent qualified leads. Placement in the directory itself is dictated by five-star reviews from your clients, so make sure you have a strategy for getting five-star reviews to start making your way to the first page.

HubSpot also offers a number of different categories to help clients filter results and find relevant marketing agencies, such as price, location, services rendered, and more. This can help you improve your success in reaching specific niche industries or specialties that your agency serves.

3. Google Partners

The Google Partners directory is attractive because these listings are accessible to agencies for free. In fact, there are no paid listing options — all you need to do is earn a Google Partner certification for your agency. Certification will help you develop marketing skills across a range of Google products.

This directory also allows agencies to be categorized and filtered according to the services and specializations offered, industries served, and other criteria. You’re also able to add a Google Partner badge to your website, legitimizing your agency to new prospects.

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers a Partner Program comprised of active agency users. To be included, you must currently use Mailchimp to power your email marketing efforts.

One benefit of the directory is that, compared to other directories, Mailchimp’s search filters are a little more granular when it comes to choosing the services being sought. This increases the chances that customers who find your agency through a search will have a clear need for the services you offer.

5. Facebook Agency Directory

The Facebook Agency Directory is a relatively new one, and it isn’t available in the United States yet. Instead, it’s being slowly rolled out in Asian countries. If your business has a presence there, this directory is worth taking the time to apply for, especially with the likelihood that the directory’s size, and influence, will grow over time.

A requirement for the directory is that your agency must complete Facebook Blueprint training, which provides a quick education on best practices for marketing through Facebook. If your agency isn’t eligible right now, keep an eye on it when the directory opens up to your agency’s region.

6. Shopify Experts Directory

The Shopify Experts Directory operates a little differently than other directories in this list. It provides the basic services of listing agencies and helping them get discovered by clients, but it plays a more integral role by using its platform to facilitate proposals and bids by agencies that are seeking the business of clients. To be included in Shopify’s directory, you must be an active Shopify Partner.


Work showcase and award directories

Some directories are maintained by industry organizations that host conferences, provide networking opportunities, publish industry-specific news, and provide other services to marketing businesses. Because these organizations are so well-connected in the industry, they’re a great option for placing your agency in relevant directories.

7. AdForum

AdForum offers an extensive agency directory with an interactive map that allows users to search for agencies by location. It also offers filtering through categories, services, and other criteria. A big benefit of this directory is its exposure: The directory itself is public and serves agencies around the globe, making it a great place to have your agency represented.

The Ad Forum directory is free for a basic listing, but there are paid plans available that promise to increase your agency’s visibility and drive better lead generation results.

8. Awwwards

Although Awwwards’ directory requires a paid plan to create a profile and list your agency, it offers a sleek user interface and excellent search filters to help customers drill down to exactly the criteria they’re looking for in an agency.

9. MarCom Awards

With categories such as “Advertising: Bench/Shelter/Mass Transit,” “Employee Publication: Benefits,” and “Writing: Blog,” MarCom offers 324 opportunities to bring home the Platinum Award for either your own marketing efforts or assets you’ve created for your clients. Recognition earns you a spot in the Winners directory for the year.


Third-party directories and review sites

Most third-party directories rely heavily on reviews and user-generated content to provide information about marketing agencies. Although this information can be less reliable than other resources, third-party directories remain influential, and important, for agencies that are seeking out new leads.

10. Rnked

Although reviews aren’t used on Rnked, this directory uses an algorithm to determine how and where agencies appear in search results. A free option is available for agencies, and the platform offers a brokerage service for clients who want help in finding the right agency for their needs.

11. Agency Spotter

Agency Spotter uses a wide range of data to help agency-seekers find the best matches through a filtered search. Agencies must also go through an approval process before their listing is featured in the directory.

Free listing options are available, but paid plans give agencies access to a more robust option for lead generation, as well as promoted listings in search results.

12. G2

G2 offers both free and paid directory listings for agencies, and it features reviews validated by LinkedIn. With the paid version of the directory, you can manage leads directly through the platform, turning it into a more effective lead generation tool.

13. UpCity

UpCity is a great directory for agencies looking to build a strong local presence. Its search engine is built around connecting with local agencies in select markets and metropolitan areas. UpCity offers free listing options, so it’s a worthwhile directory for any agency focused on winning over clients based close to home.

14. Credo

Credo is a more selective directory, with a current waiting list for certain types of paid listings. However, the company also offers beneficial services to its members, including a sales coaching service, to make sure organizations are able to maximize their lead opportunities.


Tips to optimize your profile

Want to make the most of the directories in which your agency is featured? Make sure you do the following:

  • Use keywords that are relevant to specific services or industries you serve. If you’re an agency with extensive automotive marketing experience, for example, make sure you state this in your profile. If you think your call tracking support helps you stand out from your competitors, mention this, too.
  • Make sure information about location, size, and more is up to date. If and when you expand into new markets, update your listings accordingly.
  • Fill out as much information as possible for each directory. Keep in mind that different directories ask for different information. The more information you give about your company, the better your visibility will be.

The importance of being listed in directories can’t be overstated: According to HubSpot’s Agency Pricing and Financial Report, 90 percent of agencies view directories as their most important source of leads. Invest time into building this presence, and you’ll be in position to reap the rewards in the near future.

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