CallRail for Google My Business: Get to know your local customers through call tracking

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Make your business seen within your community

Google My Business (GMB) is a free platform that helps any business take control of their local search presence, which is especially helpful for small businesses. If you’ve ever been in a new city and entered “restaurants near me” into Google, you’ve already seen GMB in action. Google’s local pack appears in your search result and displays a list of restaurants with their ratings, their distance from your location, basic listing information and options to call directly from their listing to check wait times and ensure you have a table.

It’s easy to see how important GMB has become: 94% of all searches have been found to go through Google, searches including “near me” have doubled over the past year. And with Google recent adage of neural matching into their local search process, the search engine better knows local search intent even when a business name or ‘near me’ isn’t explicitly queried. Knowing that your listing has more opportunities to appear in search, it’s time to capitalize on its impact.

An attractive GMB listing can play a major role in a lead’s final decision, but why stop at simply knowing a lead called your listed number? Technology and its conveniences are changing how people make buying decisions, and GMB is a big step towards helping businesses take advantage of that. CallRail’s Google My Business integration takes the advantage GMB offers even further with the power of call tracking.

How CallRail integrates with Google My Business

Businesses benefit from knowing as much as possible about their customers, which is where CallRail’s integration proves to be an incredible resource for users of both platforms. It lets users automatically insert a call tracking number into their GMB listing, so the valuable information on leads they’d get from any other source can now come from their listing as well. The integration even lets you keep your main business line as a secondary number to maintain NAP consistency.

CallRail’s GMB integration greatly expands on what GMB natively offers through GMB Insights. Any standard feature that can be applied to any other CallRail number can now apply to your GMB traffic, such as free call recording and notifications, caller contact information, and a record of your customer’s history of interacting with your business across other channels.

The integration also allows for a clean separation between GMB and other organic traffic within CallRail’s reporting. This lets you put your GMB traffic up against all your other channels so you can assess the strength of your marketing in one glance.

Our Google My Business integration is available for the Call Tracking Essentials plan and higher. For more information on the integration and how to set it up, check our GMB integration support article.

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