Get more out of your phone calls with Conversation Intelligence

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Analyze every conversation in an instant. CallRail’s powerful Conversation Intelligence product delivers valuable insights while saving you time and money.

Now available at a fixed monthly rate and includes a free, 14-day trial to start.


Understand the context of your calls

Conversation Intelligence adds new value to CallRail’s existing functionality by tracking the channel and source of your phone calls down to the context of each conversation and the outcome of every call.

With CallRail’s standard tracking tools, you can see which of your marketing efforts are responsible for each call, text, and online form submission your business receives from potential customers. By adding in Conversation Intelligence, and you can also determine exactly what was said during those conversations without ever having to listen to the call.

With Conversation Intelligence, get better and faster insights into:

  • Whether a call was a qualified lead
  • How your team handles inbound and outbound calls
  • What sales tactics have the highest success rates
  • What customer service principles lead to lower churn


How does Conversation Intelligence work?

The foundation of Conversation Intelligence is automatic call transcription. Every call is recorded and transcribed so you can search and analyze its content. Use it to quickly pull insights about market trends and marketing value, or to train sales and customer service staff and monitor quality assurance. Based on automatic transcription, Conversation Intelligence reads and analyzes the content of your calls with features like Keyword Spotting and Call Highlights.

Keyword Spotting

With Keyword Spotting, you choose words that are most important to your business, and CallRail automatically recognizes when those words are said (or written, in the case of texts and forms). You can then configure CallRail to automatically classify those leads as qualified, or tag them with some other designation.

For instance, a dentist’s office may want to recognize when callers say “make an appointment,” then automatically mark that lead as an appointment conversion. If you know the price of a booked appointment, you can even assign a monetary value to the lead. Doing so gives you the ability to calculate the exact ROI of the marketing effort that drove the lead, enabling you to invest more in channels that work.

Call Highlights

Call Highlights is similar to Keyword Spotting, except it does the work for you. It automatically suggests terms that might be valuable based on what they are and how often they show up in your calls, and produces reports that pull valuable insights you may not know to look for.

With Call Highlights, you can:

  • Improve keyword spotting analysis with no setup required
  • Identify relevant keywords or phrases you should be tracking based on customer frequency
  • Understand effectiveness of pricing models
  • Maximize ad spend and gain a better understanding of what ads are converting
  • Enhance customer experience and ensure team is consistent with talk tracks


Conversation Intelligence pricing

CallRail is the only company in the industry offering automatic transcription and conversation analysis at a flat monthly rate. At $50 per month, you get 10,000 call transcription minutes and unlimited keywords and call highlights.

If you’ve already got an account, you can click on the Account Icon in the top left of you screen, and then click Account Settings in the My Account Panel. You’ll land on the billing page, where you can start your free Conversation Intelligence trial. Or, feel free to call our Sales team at 888-907-4718 or email us at


Get the most out of your phone calls with Conversation Intelligence by starting your free 14 day trial today.

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