Will Google Chrome’s Privacy Updates Affect CallRail?

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Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative

Last year, Google revealed plans to enhance internet privacy for Chrome users through their Privacy Sandbox initiative. Since then, they have started limiting insecure cross-site tracking and are taking action against invasive methods of tracking user data. Notably, one of the most prominent items on their agenda is rendering third-party cookies obsolete within the next two years.

If you’ve seen the value that CallRail can provide your business, you may be aware that cookies factor into some aspects of our platform (such as dynamic number insertion). While Google’s initiative may seem like it will severely limit the crucial data you receive on your leads, we’re happy to verify that that’s very far from the truth.

Put simply, no changes that Google is making to Chrome should affect your CallRail usage. Other browsers like Firefox and Safari have been taking much stronger stances against cookie usage via different methods for a while now. CallRail users with those browsers have seen minimal issues with functionality, and our strong history of partnering with Google leads us to believe those issues will be even fewer (if any) among Chrome users.


First-party cookies vs. third-party cookies

CallRail uses first-party cookies. These are different from third-party cookies, which are used for tracking visitors across multiple sites. When you see an internet ad based on a previous site you’ve been to, that’s because a third-party cookie collected your data and is sharing it with other sites. Those cookies will be affected, CallRail’s will not.

First-party cookies like CallRail uses don’t share that data in the same way, since your CallRail data is just that – your data. It’s not ours, and it’s certainly not any other organization’s. Our purpose is to help your business grow by improving how you connect with your customers, and never to collect and resell your information.

The main impact of Google’s initiative will be felt by any parties that are tracking wherever you go online. Google’s aim is to have a positive impact on your privacy, so you can browse the web without fear of an unfamiliar organization learning so much about you. CallRail is fully behind this, and we look forward to continuing to help your business on a better, safer internet.


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