How Workshop Digital increased ROI and conversion rates with CallRail

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With clients across a variety of industries, Workshop Digital is a highly experienced, Virginia-based digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, paid social, and conversion rate optimization.


Making the right call with incomplete information

As a digital agency that works with a range of clients who rely on lead generation for growth, Workshop Digital knows it’s vital to provide a complete picture of every account’s progress. Their paid digital marketing team’s mission is to gather the most granular data possible and use that to drive optimizations that increase ROI. But without a deeper level of granularity in tracking, getting a clear picture of a campaign’s performance could be a challenge.

That was a problem. Though Workshop Digital’s paid marketing team could prove their clients’ marketing spend was making a return, it was tricky business pinning down which ads or keywords were generating leads. And surface-level lead data, like what was provided by Google Analytics, made it hard to determine the quality of those leads.

“We were initially doing call tracking and reporting with other vendors,” Morgan, paid digital marketing team lead at Workshop Digital, recalls, “but they didn’t offer any keyword-level data associated with conversions. Often the best that we could see was campaign-level data.”

To empower their clients to make the right decisions, Workshop Digital needed a one-stop solution that could go deeper, shining a light on the darkest corners of a customer’s journey, providing the most granular data possible while still being easy to manage and organize.


All the data you need, right at your fingertips

When Workshop Digital first began using CallRail’s innovative call tracking, they were excited by how in-depth its analytics were. But it wasn’t until Workshop Digital also started using CallRail’s form tracking that they really saw the power of having the complete Analytics Suite mapping out the customer journey in one place.

One of their clients, for example, easily makes custom forms that segment submissions based on whether they’re new or returning customers. Submissions can then be automatically tagged according to their value as a lead.

That information, including data like what pages they visited before submitting the form or what search keyword led them to a website, is all easily found within CallRail’s Analytics Suite, avoiding the need to muck around in a clunky database or CRM, or cross-reference several platforms.

“CallRail allows us to report on the metrics clients are really concerned with,” Morgan says. “Being able to see how effective the campaigns are at a granular level, what areas of the campaigns are driving in these qualified or less qualified leads is helping our clients meet their business goals.”

CallRail’s Analytics Suite also gives Workshop Digital the flexibility to integrate with other platforms like Google Analytics and Google Ads, so they have complete control over how to gather and present those insights. Because all that information is in one place, Workshop Digital and their clients don’t have to waste nearly as much time aggregating or cross-referencing data.

“Our clients really enjoy being able to have all of the data in one place,” Morgan says. “Now they have a central place to go in and see all of the lead details, including the complete customer journey. That information is at their fingertips, and for them that is often a big benefit. We can now see which keywords, ads, and campaigns qualified phone calls and form submissions and use that data to directly improve performance for our clients.”


Insights that increase conversions and ROI

Now that Workshop Digital is using CallRail for both call and form tracking, they are excited by how much more value they are able to give their clients.

“CallRail allows us to make smarter optimizations, by providing deeper insight on what is effective within our advertising campaigns,” Morgan says. With just call tracking alone, they were able to increase one client’s leads by 67 percent, ROI and conversions increasing 11 percent each. With form tracking, there’s even more potential. “CallRail already empowered us to make better optimization decisions,” Morgan explains, “but this effect is amplified when we combine CallRail form tracking with its other features.”

Between both call and form tracking, CallRail’s conversation intelligence features can be paired with client insights on lead quality to give Workshop Digital the granular data they have been dreaming of.

“CallRail makes it easier for Workshop Digital to drive improvements in our client’s digital marketing campaigns,” she says. “Having call and form tracking data in one place gives us the necessary data at our fingertips to make informed decisions. CallRail allows us to make smarter optimizations by providing deeper insight on what is effective within our advertising campaigns.”


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