Get the most out of CallRail in a changing business landscape

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When an unexpected situation affects your business, communicating with your customers is vital. As you look for ways to stay flexible and adapt to changing circumstances, CallRail is here to help your business stay agile and connected.

Whether you need to communicate changes in hours or services or build new workflows to support remote work, using the tools that you already have access to can help you save time and money. Here are some new ways to consider using your CallRail account to communicate with your customers in times of change or uncertainty.

Create new call flows

When you need to make changes to scheduling or staffing to accommodate a changing landscape, consider creating a new call flow. Call flows are customizable routing configurations that allow you to determine the way incoming calls are routed.

Call flows allow for both planning ahead and on-the-fly call tree changes. They can be applied to any or all of your tracking numbers simultaneously and are easily editable after being created. You can store multiple user-created templates and switch between them with just a few clicks.

Call flows can be set to dial as many people in your organization as necessary in any order with fallback Dial steps. This can be taken further with the Simulcall step, which dials multiple team members at once – this is often a much more cost-effective solution than a complex IVR system.

If you need to apply specific business hours to your availability to receive calls, use a Schedule step. Add a Menu step to provide callers with appropriate routing options or use a Tag step to capture a caller’s menu choice and display it on your Call Log. This can be used to assess which areas of your business may need additional resources based on incoming volume, or even just to gauge the effectiveness of your messaging.

For more information on these options, check out the complete list of call flow features.

Use Lead Center to contact customers

Your team may be working remotely or otherwise out of reach of their normal business phones, but staying in touch with new leads and maintaining your customer service is as important as ever right now.

Lead Center lets your team answer inbound calls and texts on a desktop or cell phone and reach back out to those customers using your tracking numbers as the outbound caller ID for continued brand consistency, allowing your team to adapt to changing workflows.

You can also set up Quick Texts to create templated messages for your teams to respond to common questions and answers, send appointment reminders, review requests, or systematically nurture customers at different stages in the sales cycle.

Add Lead Center to your account using these instructions.

Communicate effectively using greetings and voicemails

When clear communication is especially vital to your business, using voicemails and call greetings can help you remain aware of customers’ needs and relay important updates

Create a voicemail step within the Call Flow Builder to record callers’ messages when you’re unable to answer the phone, ensuring you have a presence whenever your customers reach out, even if you’re not available to answer. You can also enable voicemail transcriptions to review and gain immediate insight about what was said in each message without listening to the voicemail itself.

Meanwhile, adding a call greeting to your tracking numbers allows you to make callers aware of key details about your business. Share information such as new hours and processes before their call is connected. Upload a customized voice file as your greeting, or use our voice synthesizer to keep your customers informed.

Monitor conversations with Keyword Spotting

With Keyword Spotting, you choose words that are important to your business, and CallRail automatically recognizes when those words are said (or written, in the case of texts and forms).

You can also choose to automatically classify conversations based on which keywords are said (or not said). Choose which words or phrases to target, and we’ll automatically tag, score, and apply values to interactions based on your own customized workflows. You can understand customer sentiment and the context of any call without listening to a recording.

Identify trends with Call Highlights

Call Highlights take Keyword Spotting a step further by identifying important trends in your conversations with customers that you might not know to look for.

Using machine learning technology, Call Highlights analyzes your calls against industry-wide data and identifies relevant keywords in your conversations. Highlighted terms will display in the caller timeline next to standard call information, giving you a quick overview of the conversation without having to listen to the recording. You can also view a collective report featuring all your highlights, allowing you to recognize major trends across conversations.

Capture data with Conversation Intelligence

Keeping a pulse on your customers is key to communicating important messages and meeting the needs of your customer base. What are customers’ questions and concerns? How are they feeling?

Unfortunately, the time- and resource-intensive nature of manually analyzing conversations can be cost-prohibitive in many cases. To solve this problem, CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence tools are here to do the legwork for you.

Our Conversation Intelligence products automatically transcribe and analyze your conversations, identifying trends and surfacing insights that are important to your business—so you can keep track of what’s happening during your conversations without the outlay of manual analysis.

Use notifications to follow up with customers

Setting up or customizing your notifications is a great way to stay connected with leads despite changes in your workflow. Whether you’re away from your business’s main phone or working an irregular schedule, notifications allow you to receive an alert when someone has contacted your business.

Customize your notifications for calls and texts to keep up with interactions such as incoming calls, missed calls, voicemails, first-time callers, or calls matching a specific tag. If you track web form submissions, you can choose to be notified by call, text message, or email when a customer submits a form.

You can add as many custom notifications as you’d like at no additional cost and edit them as you need to. Consider configuring your notifications to keep track of orders or requests submitted via online forms or to prioritize calls that meet specific qualifications.
Regardless of your circumstances, CallRail is here to give you the tools you need to care for your customers and manage your business. For additional resources on how to better utilize your CallRail account, visit our Help Center.

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