Q&A: How CallRail delivers “the most complete picture” of marketing efforts

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Kevin Mann has been an entrepreneur almost all his life. The only thing he enjoys as much as growing his business is helping others grow theirs. That’s why he co-founded CallRail. In a Q&A with Website Planet, Mann shared some of CallRail’s secrets, revealing how the platform has helped customers achieve their business and marketing goals. Here are some of the highlights.


1. What does CallRail do?

CallRail helps companies optimize and improve their advertising and marketing efforts. We give them the complete picture of their marketing by including all lead types in our platform to see how customers are converting through phone calls, text messaging, and online form submissions.


2. How can CallRail help marketers make the most of their budget?

By analyzing how much they’re spending on each marketing source and how many leads each marketing source is driving, they can decide if they should spend more on one source and less on another.


3. How does CallRail track calls from different marketing campaigns?

Unique phone numbers display as our client’s telephone number… when the customer calls ends, it goes through our system and is immediately routed to the business. This enables our technology to track the types of calls that are generating leads for our customers.


4. How does CallRail measure the success of marketing campaigns?

The most basic way… is by showing our customers how many calls came in from each source or keyword. Then when they go into their different advertising platforms, they can see how much they’re spending, and if they’re getting a good cost per lead.

When using our Analytics Suite, the cost per lead function actually plugs into… Google Ads or Facebook Ads… and will automatically calculate the cost per lead. For HubSpot… we can pull in their revenue data as well… we’re showing them their ROI.


5. What is form tracking?

(CallRail’s form tracking software offers) the same visitor-level analysis we do with calls… A lot of customers are using it very similarly to the way they’re using call tracking: to optimize their ad spend… You can see all the channels that are bringing in leads and make decisions on how to optimize.

To learn more about CallRail call and form tracking solutions—including call management, call routing and additional reporting capabilities—read the full Q&A on the Website Planet blog.


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