Gain insights from customer interactions with Conversation Intelligence & Form Tracking

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Identifying trends and opportunities to save time are crucial to your business’s success. With CallRail’s Form Tracking and Conversation Intelligence tools, gain insights about customer interactions to shape your marketing strategies.

Until April 30, we’re offering two free months of credit toward the base price of our Form Tracking or Conversation Intelligence products. We’re confident that by using these tools, you can tailor your customer experience and have impactful conversations.


Design forms with your customers in mind

We make the process of building a form for your website easy. By using our Custom Forms feature, you can build and design forms with your customers in mind, so you can capture the data you need to make smart business decisions.

We provide out-of-the-box templates, or build your own form from scratch. You’ll be able to customize each field on your form, pick your brand colors for your form, or create an HTML-only form that uses your website’s styling. Then, we’ll give you a few different embed options so your form can be placed directly on your website. The same code that tracks what drive your valuable calls is used to track what drives your valuable form submissions.

If you don’t need to place the form you’ve created on your site, you can also use a static link to direct your customers to your form. Eliminate the added expense of a form builder, and capture everything you need to understand your customers in a single platform.


Conveniently track and receive data from existing forms on your website

If you already have a form on your website, our External Forms feature allows you to track each touchpoint driving the form submission (alongside calls).


Receive phone and email alerts for your form submissions

Whenever someone fills out a form, we’ll capture the form’s contents and instantly connect you by phone call or email, giving you immediate insight about who’s reaching out and how you can help them.

Our lead alert functionality connects the person who submitted a form on your website with a rep instantaneously. A brief message will play at the number of your choice each time a customer fills out a form on your website. You’ll have the option to connect with the customer immediately using the telephone number they entered on your form.


Learn key details about the performance of your forms strategy

With our Form Submission Log, monitor the volume of form submissions coming into your business, and see which marketing campaigns are responsible for the highest form conversions. Track insights such as submission time and the sender’s contact information. You can also view session details such as the submission’s source and referrer, keywords, campaign and landing page. To drill deeper, compare data between time frames and score submissions as qualified leads. Your report can be exported as an Excel file or downloaded as a PDF document at any time.


Discover how customers talk about your business

Tailor your marketing strategies to what your customers say about your services. Use our Call Highlights feature as a quick way to see how people describe your business and use these insights to make faster marketing decisions. You can use these insights to target new PPC keywords to bid on, or as a way to generate new ideas for how to improve your website or customer service.


Spot important words and phrases that are spoken in calls

Target specific words or phrases spoken in your calls, and use that knowledge to make your workflow more efficient. Keyword Spotting automatically identifies specific words spoken by a caller or an agent on any call or voicemail transcription. Let us know which words or phrases should be targeted, and then set rules to apply a tag, score, and value to call leads based on your desired criteria.

Identify customers to follow-up with first by highlighting words such as “schedule” or “reschedule” to see which customers require your immediate attention. No matter which keywords you choose target, you’ll gain a better understanding of every call’s context without having to listen to a full recording. We hope you find these tips about CallRail’s Form Tracking and Conversation Intelligence tools to be helpful. For additional resources on how to better utilize your CallRail account, visit our Help Center.


Until April 30, we’re offering two free months of credit toward the base price of our Form Tracking or Conversation Intelligence products. Sign up for your free 2 month trial.

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