CEO Address – State of Social Ventures 2020

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2020 has been a year that has challenged society to its core. At SEED SPOT, we saw the best of our entrepreneurs this year. Against all odds, they have stepped up, overcome challenges, and continued to build thriving ventures. They continuously inspire us to work harder. As we took a step back, we saw a common thread: Entrepreneurs that were connected with a community showed resilience and were able to meet challenges together. 

This year, SEED SPOT founders, entrepreneurs, and dreamers marched forward to build a better, more resilient world. In this report, you will see the dreams of entrepreneurs and their successful, scalable, and impactful businesses. Helping these founders pivot to build PPE, develop new healthcare programs, and tackle systemic racism has been awe-inspiring. Along the way, we have learned many things, yet our fundamental principles, core values and mission have continued to chart a path forward.

This year, we unequivocally say: 

  • Human life > Economics.
  • Climate change is real, and happening now. 
  • Black Lives Matter.

As we look to the future, SEED SPOT remains steadfast in our mission to ensure we increase the success of entrepreneurs that are overlooked and under-resourced by providing support, guidance, mentorship, and access to capital. If you believe in a better future, join us. There is no time to waste. 

Problems in the world do not wait until we are ready to solve them. Together, we must continue to create solutions, test, try and try again. 

Onwards and Upwards,

C’pher Gresham


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