The Team

Perry Jacobson

Perry Jacobson brings nearly four decades of finance and investing experience to his role at Canal Partners where he will be actively sourcing deals, raising capital, serving in advisory board positions and building relationships with investors.

Prior to joining Canal Partners, Perry was a managing director for the New York-based venture and private equity firm Brookstone Partners for more than 15 years. While at Brookstone, he brought in more than $10 million in capital, served on several venture boards, and formed a mezzanine finance fund, which put nearly $5 million to work over a 10-year span.

Perry’s investment career began on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor where he became the youngest floor governor in the history of the NYSE up until that point. He spent 22 years as a floor specialist and then floor governor, where he served on both the technology committee and the market performance committee (MPC), which is a group of NYSE market oversight specialists who monitor specialists’ efficiency in maintaining fair prices and an orderly market.

Perry graduated from Boston University in 1981 with a degree in business administration, management and operations. Over the years, he has chaired several fundraisers to support a local-area children’s hospital in New York, and served on neighborhood community boards.

Perry now divides his time between Arizona and New York, and when not working, you can most likely find him on the golf course.

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