NETtime Solutions Releases NETOne Time Clock

NETtime Solutions Releases NETOne, a revolution in time clocks

Push technology clock revolutionizes data collection — July 12, 2010

NETtime Solutions takes time and attendance data collection to the next level by announcing the latest development in time clocks: NETOne. Capable of collecting, storing and transmitting employee time punches as they happen, NETOne provides truly real-time data recording and reporting for businesses that know the importance of carefully managing their most precious resource: their workforce.

An ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, NETOne’s compact size belies its power. Using push technology, it connects directly to and tightly integrates with NETtime™, our software as a service (SaaS) time and attendance solution. RoHS compliant, the NETOne clock securely transmits time and attendance data over Ethernet using 128-bit SSL encryption and is DHCP compatible supporting both static and dynamic IP addressing.

NETOne eliminates the need for a dedicated computer to poll, or collect and transmit, punches to NETtime making NETtime a truly cross platform, cross browser solution that, combined with our exceptional uptime, is accessible anywhere, anytime.

With a durable touch screen and diagnostic tools like ping and traceroute, NETOne is a powerful tool that helps companies maintain compliance with various local, state and federal labor laws and effectively manage their workforce with real-time labor data.

“We are ecstatic that we can provide businesses the capability to make workforce management decisions using the real-time data that NETOne captures and delivers through NETtime,” said Bahan Sadegh, CEO and founder of NETtime Solutions. “The extensibility of our NETOne clock is virtually unlimited. We can expand its functionality through hardware, such as biometric and swipe card readers, and improved software capabilities. Updates and upgrades can be pushed to the clock without the intervention of IT personnel. What’s really exciting is that we have aggressively priced the NETOne to make it a superior value for our clients.”


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