NETtime Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Dynamic Billing for SaaS Time and Attendance

Reprinted from DreamSimplicity:

NETtime Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Dynamic Billing for SaaS Time and Attendance

Not so long ago, the next big thing in computing had Silicon Valley hotshots’ heads in the clouds. Appropriately, it became known as cloud computing, a scalable architecture that centralizes computing resources in order to provide “on demand” solutions.

Commercially available software delivered through the cloud is known as software as a service or SaaS, one of the three components comprising cloud computing. NETtime Solutions was the first strictly SaaS provider of time and attendance in the marketplace.

The promise of SaaS is just in time delivery of software for a predictable, dynamically billed, per user monthly fee. While it sounds great in theory, the practice is dramatically different with many SaaS providers either manually calculating the number of users to bill or signing customers to long-term contracts that are reminiscent of licensed software agreements, according to Bahan Sadegh, CEO and founder of NETtime Solutions.

“NETtime intelligently discerns between user actions that generate a timecard and employee self-service access,” stated Sadegh. “It automatically calculates and charges only for the number of employees using the system through per active employee, per month (PEPM) billing. Administrative access is included in the monthly charges, so managers ‘eat free.’”

Because it is a monthly cost, use of NETtime becomes an operational expense not a capital expenditure nor an installation and maintenance burden on IT personnel. It is a scalable solution for companies experiencing the ups and downs of personnel populations through addition, attrition, assimilation or reductions in force as well as those affected by seasonal staffing fluctuations.

NETtime, the available anywhere, anytime time and attendance solution, is hosted in a SAS 70 Type II compliant data center. Redundancies throughout the system, from power systems to regular data backups, ensure NETtime has 99.99% uptime.

NETtime is constantly updated through zero-impact enhancements that result in customers seeing no interruption in their service while enjoying always current software at no additional cost. Hosted software can also be rapidly deployed so that business operations are not hampered with long implementations.

“It is incumbent on us as a SaaS provider to earn our customers’ business every month,” said Sadegh, “and delighting our customers with reliable time and labor management along with ‘knock your socks off’ service is how we do it.”

About NETtime Solutions NETtime Solutions is the nimble and responsive pioneer of available anywhere, anytime SaaS time and attendance. NETtime helps companies manage their workforce with real-time time and labor management data while helping them maintain compliance with local, state and federal labor laws.

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