Omnilink Adds Location Monitoring Feature to Comfort Zone

Omnilink Adds Location Monitoring Feature to Comfort Zone

Omnilink Systems, a provider of pre-built applications for tracking people and assets, released Alzheimer’s Association Comfort Zone Check-In last week.

Comfort Zone Check-In offers is designed to offer individuals with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers a range of new device, service plans and features to create more options for helping to maintain an individual’s independence and security.

The “check in” feature is an addition to the Alzheimer’s Association Comfort Zone® Location Monitoring Solution and provides a web based tracking application that allows different ways to track whatever you choose.

Users have the ability to locate any Sprint phone that has an active service plan as well as on demand pricing (starts at $9.99 per month) that allows caregivers to choose when to track. Users can schedule once daily location requests with notification by text or email and have the ability to track several different devices using a single account.

“Since we launched the Alzheimer’s Association Comfort Zone comprehensive service, we’ve seen those with Alzheimer’s gain more independence while providing their families with greater peace of mind,” said Beth Kallmyer, senior director of constituent services. “Comfort Zone Check–In now offers a self-service plan giving families the option to track any Sprint cell phone and provide daily scheduled location requests for a reasonable value.”


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