WebPT Introduces EMR Pediatric Module for Physical Therapists

WebPT Introduces EMR Pediatric Module for Physical Therapists
MAY 4, 2011

WebPT, the leading Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) for physical therapists, has announced the release of the WebPT Pediatric Module. EMR systems are typically a one-size-fits-all model. WebPT broke this trend with the first truly Web-based EMR system built with the PT workflow in mind. The new pediatric module further customizes electronic documentation by giving pediatric PTs access to templates that are designed specifically for pediatric treatment programs.

“PTs see patients of all ages and conditions. Treatment plans can vary greatly for children, making documentation challenging when the software is only geared towards the common denominator,” says Heidi Jannenga, co-founder and COO for WebPT. “With the WebPT Pediatric Module, PTs will now have a better tool in hand for properly recording treatment, resulting in more time spent with the patients, more accurate records, and less time in front of a computer.”

Therapists treat children of multiple age ranges and therapy issues, resulting in the need to collect data from numerous treatment categories. When documenting a child’s treatment with WebPT, a therapist will no longer have to adjust their notes to accommodate general documentation systems. The implementation of WebPT’s pediatric physical therapy software is simple, a therapist only has to input the patient’s age and the documentation fields will automatically reflect those of a pediatric patient. Pediatric specific tests and treatment protocols embedded in the WebPT Pediatric Module allow therapists to focus on patient care without the confusion surrounding the modification of general documentation. The Pediatric Module simplifies the billing process by automatically applying pediatric specific coding as well as the availability of age specific home therapy programs.

Physical therapists can access the modules, and all of the WebPT physical therapy software, wherever they provide treatment. Due to the variety of injuries that physical therapists treat, it is often necessary to do in-home patient therapy. Because WebPT is a totally Web-based system, it can be accessed anywhere from mobile devices such as a laptop or iPad.

“What I like about WebPT’s adult system is also true of the pediatric module. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and continually updated based on feedback from the therapists who use it,” said Deborah Stack, PT, DPT, PCS and owner of the Pediatric Therapy Center of Bucks County, LLC. “The best thing is, I have access anywhere I have an Internet connection, even at a patient’s home without carrying anything bigger than an iPad.”

Reprinted from: EMR Daily News

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