announced the introduction of the first meta search engine

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DENVER – announced the introduction of the first meta search engine designed to help consumers earn more award miles while searching flights online. The new feature allows users to easily compare dozens of loyalty program bonus deals and benefits in a fast and comprehensive display that appears alongside flight search results on

Deals and benefits are customized to each user’s loyalty program memberships, status and travel destination.  This powerful aggregation of data allows members to make more informed travel decisions that maximize the miles and points they accrue with every trip. also plans to expand into offering bonus deals beyond travel, including restaurant, retail, daily deals and more.  For instance, loyalty members of OpenTable may receive deals from their favorite restaurants when they are traveling, or members of Groupon may receive local deals for spas, events and activities.

The average household belongs to 18 different loyalty programs,” said Jon Nordmark, UsingMiles CEO. “These programs are constantly offering members new opportunities to earn more points and miles.  But there is such a mountain of constantly-changing bonus deals and benefits, and so many frequent flyer emails and mailings, a consumer would have to spend hours and hours every week trying to keep track of them all.

Our loyalty-driven meta search engine helps solve this problem by doing all the work for consumers. We embed into each user’s search experience customized loyalty deals that are relevant to the programs he or she belongs to. We help our users stop leaving money–and points–on the table each time they travel,” Nordmark said.

Customized deals are delivered to Premier Members of

The meta search engine also scours fares from hundreds of airlines to bring back the best options for travel from all across the Internet.  Users are then connected with the airline to complete their booking.  UsingMiles allows consumers to simultaneously search flight options that they can book using either cash or award miles – giving them more information in one place to make quicker decisions.

UsingMiles is working hard to further integrate our site with travel company alliances and credit card reward programs to make it simpler for travelers to earn and redeem more points and miles,” said Krista Paul, the site’s founder.

UsingMiles is a one-stop-shop for consumers who want to get more value out of their loyalty programs. Our unique loyalty dashboard gives them the opportunity to organize and manage their points at a glance, but we don’t stop there. Our real goal is to help users maximize their award earning potential when they purchase travel or other products and easily redeem points for things they want, like a free trip,” Paul said.

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