NETtime Solutions Launches New Survey Focused on Mentorship

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NETtime Solutions, the pioneer of SaaS time and attendance, has opened a survey on mentorship that will run through Friday, November 30th. This mentorship survey, titled “How has mentorship affected your career?” will look at the role of a mentor and mentorship’s effectiveness through the eyes of both the mentor and the mentee.

Many great leaders of our day point to a mentor that has made a difference in their life. Oprah Winfrey reports being insecure as a child and finding strength in her fourth grade teacher, Mary Duncan. A distinguished African American minister and scholar, Dr. Benjamin Mays, mentored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Even Grammy winner Gloria Estefan attributes the ability to overcome her doubts about a career in music to her mentor, and grandmother, Consuelo Garcia.

Are mentors just as common with everyday working Americans? NETtime aims to uncover how mentorship is being used today. The survey will look at hot topics, such as reverse mentorship, where someone mentors an older person, and the effectiveness of a having a mentor in comparison to learning through a formal education.

To access NETtime’s mentorship survey, click here.

Everyone is able to participate in the mentorship survey regardless of if they have been a mentor, received mentorship or passed up on the opportunity for mentorship. As a “thank you” for answering several mentoring questions, NETtime will award one survey participant a $25 Darden Restaurants gift card. This meal of appreciation can be eaten in the company of one’s mentor or mentee in a celebration of all that mentorship provides.

Results, along with graphic data representations, will be published at as well as on the company’s Facebook page. Connect with the company now at and to see past surveys and stay current with essential human resource industry news.

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