What to Look For In a Telehandler Forklift

Overview of the Telehandler Forklift

It looks like a crane when you see it, but this telehandler is more commonly seen at most of the construction sites. It has the ability to lift objects since it is really stable and strong, and works on the most bumpiest or uneven of surfaces. It can reach locations in a very precise manner because it is easy to maneuver. Hence, the price is exorbitant, which is why there are rental services available as a better option than purchasing a unit.


  • Quick and Accurate Positioning: This telehandler forklift can move loads forward and upward, where they can perform more tasks since it can be maneuvered easily and it can be repositioned in a precise way. It saves you more time and allows you to complete other jobs faster.
  • It is Versatile: It does the work of lift trucks and cranes whether it is being used in agriculture, construction, and even mining industries. It is also beneficial in wholesale businesses and other areas where it can perform both small and large jobs.

Major Considerations

  • Features

There are three fundamental elements in checking if a telehandler fits specific situations or conditions. The first is steering. Would it be a four-wheel, two-wheel or a crab? Then there are the safety features like back-up indicators, control quality, flashing lights, and seating ergonomics. The last important element is the attachments in performing different jobs.

  • Telehandler Costs

This only applies if you are going to purchase a telehandler forklift, and not opt for the rental option. The cost varies according to what the local price has been set at due to market and service competition. Adding to the price is the total capacity that affects the machine ability, condition, and running hours. Hence, this consideration also applies to rental per day and workload expected based on the volume that it may serve.

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