Aerial Lifts for Landscape Jobs

What is an aerial lift?

An aerial lift, or more commonly known as an AWP or aerial work platform, is a device that helps people reach inaccessible areas that are very high to reach. There are two types of this equipment. These are called “cherry pickers” and “scissor lifts”.

What are the types of aerial lifts?

  • Articulated Lift – This is known in construction as the cherry picker because of its origin, where it was used in orchards to pick high fruits with ease, pretty much the same way in which this lift functions today. Thanks to its jointed arms, including its telescoping sections that extend the length of the boom arm, it reaches heights to as much as 100 meters. It also covers wider areas without the need of moving the base.
  • Scissor Lift – A scissor lift does the same thing of helping people reach high places, but through the process of lifting the platform in a scissor like manner. The extension occurs in just one fixed place, which is the reason why the base has a wheel for quicker transfer.
  • Hotel Lift – Often used inside hotels to change bulbs or clean ceilings and hard-to-reach places, hotel lifts are just like scissor lifts but are smaller so that they can be accommodated inside hallways and rooms.


Using lifts in landscaping jobs

Whether it is a man lift you are using or a boom lift, aerial lifts are perfect for landscaping. This can be used when tending palm trees, cutting huge branches, cutting patterns and trimming trees, and much more. And, since its control panel is found on the platform, there is no need to include another person if you are the only person that does the landscaping job. It is also easy to operate as long as you know how it works.

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