Using a Backhoe to Dig Holes and Break Asphalt

Using a backhoe needs skill

Operating a backhoe may look easy, especially when you are looking at it being done by a professional. However, what may be perceived as simple could be difficult since operators are required to have a license before they ride inside the cab and drive the heavy equipment the way they do. So, when you are considering a particular job that has to be done and want to rent the equipment, you should determine first if you have the adequate experience in digging holes or breaking ground with this machinery to avoid unnecessary spending.

Using a backhoe to dig holes

You might want to rent a digger in order to dig holes, using a small bucket as an attachment. This may sound easy, but you also have to consider the inconvenience on your part where you have to rent the digger, bring it home, spend time in digging, and taking it back after you have finished.  However, you may not need to do so since a backhoe can actually create a perfect 4′ x 6′ x 4′ provided that you are experienced enough to do it.

Using a backhoe to break asphalt

Although you have a backhoe loader deployed for many jobs, it can also take care of breaking asphalt thanks to the breaker attachment that works as a jackhammer for piercing through thick ground and getting the job done. Once the ground has been broken, you can use the loader to take away massive amounts of scattered debris or use the bucket in scooping up smaller broken debris and dropping it onto a truck for quicker disposal. With the right tools, attachments, and the adequate amount of experience in operating a complex machine such as a backhoe loader, you can have any tough job done in less time.

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