Using a Dozer on Farmland

Seeing the Whole Picture of Dozers

A dozer, also known as a bulldozer, is classified as a continuous tracked tractor with a ripper or claw-like tool and blade or metal plate, which is used to drive off excessive quantities of sand, construction materials, rubble, and soil. Dozers are normally found at construction sites, military bases, factories, projects, quarries and mines, and of course, farms. Others usually refer to it as a loader or excavator, but as the physical description and functions define it, it fits into a different category because of the dozer blade.

A dozer is typically large in size, which is why they are classified under heavy tracked equipment because of its ability to hold ground, even on the roughest terrain. There are small, medium, large, and extra wide sizes that have different dragging abilities. In fact, the bigger dozers can also tow burnt vehicles, tanks, shrubbery, obstacles in wars, and building ruins.

Their Main Function on Farms

Originally, the first few batches of bulldozers were made ideally to plow fields, which were known as farm tractors before World War I. Through the years, there were several developments made, with additional features to make it more efficient and valuable in the fields. In fact today there are sophisticated models made by reputable companies that have automatic transmission for continuous movement and control, especially because they are powered by electric motors. This is the primary equipment used by most of the farmers in order to build dry dams, clear fencerows, and do other farming tasks. The goal is to deliver quality products from the farm. A dozer is better than the stereotypical method because it can level the field quicker than relying on mere plowing and digging.

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