Excavators for Open Pit Mining

What is Open Pit Mining?

Open pit mining is done once geologists confirm after a series of tests and examinations that certain land is ready to be mined. Proof is also needed from scientists to support the recommendations of geologists that there are valuable minerals and rocks below the surface. Registered and authorized mining companies perform digging and extraction in order to get rocks and minerals through the process of surface mining, or what is better known as open pit mining. Manual mining is not safe for workers and it is also not as efficient.  A mechanical digger is therefore preferred and used.

The Service of Excavators

During large-scale open pit mining operations, an excavator provides major assistance during the digging process in a continuous cycle. It has the capacity to aid in the progress of the project. One should consider the impact of the kind of excavators that will be used on the environment while maintaining energy efficiency and reliability during and after the process. The steps are done by stripping away sections of land, depending on the size of digger that will be used.

The Operation

The cutting wheels found in most of the excavators will do the work in stripping off blocks of land, which will also be dictated to by the operator of the equipment. The removal or digging is done through a layer by layer system until the minerals or rocks become visible. The portions that have been dug will be transported to a landfill, which is usually a pit. There is an organized system that an excavator follows, where digging up holes on the earth is not a random thing. It has an unloader for the blocks of soil, stationary crusher, cable reel, mobile crusher, disposal machine, and belt conveyor.

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