CRM and ClickDimensions Training Plan for new Marketers

If you bring a new marketer onto your team and want to get them quickly up to speed on using both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions, here’s part of a training plan that we’ve used with new employees. It’s not comprehensive, but it is a good start, and includes videos, articles and links to instructor-led training. We’ve found this to be a good starting point for our new team members, so we thought we’d share it with you!

  1. CRM General Knowledge – the resources below will help you get an understanding of what Microsoft CRM’s standard feature set provides:
  • ClickDimensions – General Knowledge
  • Register for and attend the ClickDimensions Academy courses at (Available to Customer and Partners only)
  • Read through the following categories on the Help & Training Site (
  • (You can read through other categories as desired, but the categories above should be considered foundational.)

    Bookmark these sites in Internet Explorer:

    CRM References/Resources:

    ClickDimensions References/Resources:

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