Letter from the ClickDimensions CEO – ClickDimensions is three years old!

Dear ClickDimensions Customers, Partners and Prospects;

Having just celebrated our third year as a company, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some insight into the world of ClickDimensions and how we feel about it. We have a number of exciting things happening.

If you follow our blog, you may have noticed the rapid growth of our team; especially our development team in Tel Aviv. We currently have 48 team members overall (42 direct employees and 6 long term contractors) and will have over 50 by the end of June as we add a Marketing Director and other roles. Considering we were three people just two and a half years ago, our growth has been significant. With over half our resources in our Tel Aviv development center (26 at present), we have been quietly building a lot of exciting new products and features that will show up in our July, September and October planned releases. Our commitment to remaining the #1 marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is stronger than ever and we could not be more excited about the direction we’re taking. We think we have the perfect strategy and we believe you will too when you see what we will be releasing. To support our growth, both our Atlanta and Tel Aviv teams are moving to larger office spaces in the coming months.

From a customer and revenue growth perspective, 2013 has been huge for us. We grew by 248% in 2012 and this chart shows our revenue trend since our initial release in January 2011. Our intense focus on providing the best solution with the best service is paying off for us and we’re investing heavily into our new product development efforts. Through May of this year, we had already exceeded 75% of our 2012 revenue and 280% of our 2011 revenue. We’re also happy to report that our cash in the bank is now over 4 times the amount of funding we took at the end of 2011.

At the beginning of the year we published a number of statistics in this press release. I am happy to report updates on a few of those metrics. We now have 91 ClickDimensions certified professionals across our now over 422 channel partners. Of course, our customer count has continued to grow steadily as you might expect given our revenue growth rates.

We are very aware that software companies like ours are only as good as the strategic decisions we make and the execution we put behind those decisions. These are two areas in which our team has done extremely well; we are making great strategic decisions and we back those up with a culture of relentless execution. Expect nothing less from us going forward. We look forward to sharing more of our plans and progress with you in the coming months.


John Gravely

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