Aerial Lifts for Decorating

When are aerial lifts applicable for decorating?

Most of the time, decorating homes will only require people to use a ladder, as it is the most accessible and the easiest to use. However, sometimes ladders are not enough to reach higher places. This is where an aerial lift can be used. However, a boom lift can reach really high up and may only be applicable when decorating shopping malls, especially when there are displays to be attached on the ceiling or when Christmas trees are over 50 feet high.

What are the options for mid-high decorating?

A man lift is actually the most suitable in this situation since the base is low, the whole equipment is compact, and one person can operate it. It operates without the assistance of booms as it only moves vertically, which is still more convenient than using the ladder.

However, if you are working on decorations in pairs or more, then hiring a scissor lift would be appropriate. It may only move like man lifts do, but at least it can carry more people so that work can be accomplished faster. This is great for people who are rushing to finish the work. It even has enough room for you to place a box of decor in it so that you don’t need to go up and down just to do your thing. It may be a bit bigger, but more tasks can be completed as opposed to a man lift.

One may think that it is not practical to hire lifts to get the job done as it may be too expensive to rent. However, when time is of the essence, there is no way that this opportunity to finish work at a much quicker pace will be taken for granted.

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