Vocalocity Desktop 2.0 BETA

This week we kicked off our customer beta for our new and improved Vocalocity Desktop. We refer to the upgrade as “Desktop 2.0.” This new tool reinvents the way you interact with our phone service.

Vocalocity Desktop is integrated call-control and screen-pop software. Free to customers, review real-time CRM information, click-to-call colleagues and manage your settings, all from your computer desktop. Everything you need to run your business is right at your fingertips.

Features include:

  • Screen pop alerts to incoming calls with Caller ID
  • Intelligent plugins search for and present real-time information for each call
  • Provides real-time status of coworkers.
  • Review voicemails
  • View and search your call log (up to 50 calls)
  • Manage live calls: place calls on hold, forward, record calls and end calls
  • Utilize Call Monitoring to listen in, whisper and even join a call with a team member
  • Monitor the real-time status of Call Queues
  • And much more…

Join our beta community today to try out this new productivity tool. I am anxious to hear what you think!

About Amy Tankersley

As Product Manager at Vocalocity, Amy is always looking for ways to make our customers more productive. Her specialty is focusing on mobility solutions. When she isn’t building products, Amy is a dance teacher in Atlanta.

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