Dozers for Road Maintenance

The Building of Roads

In the old days, people utilized swamps and mountains in order to transport goods with the assistance of oxen and horses. Later on, there were improved trails where trees were cut down and stones and rocks were moved away in order to have a space that would serve as a path for people and transport. A road system started at the beginning of 500 B.C. where highways were introduced for travel that required long distances. Nowadays, improved roads for the convenience of people have been made with the assistance of equipment and machines that are available these days in order to speed up the process of better transportation.

The Dozer’s Function

For better road condition and fast paced work, the bulldozer is an important tool during the cleaning and digging process when developing new roads. It pulls rigs in order to clean up the access path for commuters, passersby, and for transportation. All road types are designed to be maintained for longer use, whether it is a dust road, weather road, or even dykes or canal banks. Damage and accidents can be incurred during the rainy seasons, which can cause inconvenience to people.

As part of the specific cycle of maintenance, the dozer has been a primary equipment in all maintenance work, whether it is for irrigation, for canal network, or for people who are part of the manpower who will undertake the work. The bulldozer is used for large amounts of work, which is economical and feasible since road maintenance is tedious work that cannot be accomplished in the usual manual process. Time is an important element since most of these jobs are contract bound. The function of this equipment applies on certain maintenance cycles such as weed clearance, silt clearance, reshaping and structuring.

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