Are Excavators Useful in Forestry?

Using Excavators for forestry

Most of the time, excavators are used in digging and carrying heavy objects in places that demand heavy duty work, which makes it a valuable piece of equipment in lessening the burdens and tasks of workers. However, excessive digging is not always applicable when working in forests since minimal erosion is observed, thus protecting plant life and other trees nearby for safety and preservation is essential. Working within such areas requires skilled operation of the machinery as every move may destroy plants and kill animals if the operator is not careful.

How Excavators are used in forests

Excavating in most parts of a forest would require moving timber out of the way, as clearing trees would oftentimes be a major part of the tasks to be done, particularly when creating homes or buildings in the middle of a forest. Aside from moving heavy lumber, boulders and roots, the excavator can also be used in outlining transmission lines, creating right-of-way for pipelines, and maintaining roadside appearances with the help of an attachment called brushcutter mulchers. These can be easily used to control vegetation from the ground up. A digger will only be necessary when the phase of work requires developing underground foundations for establishments and other structures.

Other attachments used by excavators on location

Aside from brushcutter mulchers, you can also use grapples, which specifically carries bigger trees one at a time or massive numbers with bigger, high-capacity grapples. Huge trees cannot be carried thumbs or blades due to weight constraints. Bucket attachments are valuable for tasks that involve road building and transferring gravel, sand, and other finer construction materials. No matter what attachments are to be used and installed with the excavator, the heavy equipment is valuable in accomplishing tough tasks that will be challenging when done by workforce alone. Efficiency, productivity, and economy are the factors considered as to why this machine is utilized in the unlikeliest of places.

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