Are Backhoes Essential for DIY Home Construction?

Anyone who is thinking of doing a DIY home construction cannot escape the use of a backhoe. By design, a backhoe loader can handle a lot of the excavation and material handling jobs around the site therefore the owner will have killed two birds with one stone. It is also small hence the ability to work in tight areas.

This machine is a combination of three heavy duty pieces of equipment; however, it is much lighter and smaller. It is mounted on a tractor therefore moves easily over all kinds of terrains. The loader, on the other hand, will come in handy when picking up and carrying dirt to load on a waiting dump-truck or pile it for refill. It is also used to level or push dirt. The backhoe is used to dig up hard and compact material like digging foundations and trenches, and lift, place or just pile construction material with the addition of a thumb.

A backhoe loader functions as a combination of the three above mentioned equipment. The weight and size however gives it the agility to handle DIY construction projects. Since the depth of the foundation has to be precise, this versatile equipment will come in handy. You will use the backhoe to dig out the foundation, and the loader can be used to clear the dirt or load it into dump-trucks. Its light weight means it will not disturb the rest of the ground hence the foundation will rest on a firmer ground as opposed to using a bulldozer. It will also be very useful for digging jobs like digging holes, and backfilling with dirt or filling them with gravel. Once you have dug out the foundation, use the backhoe to fill the slab.

A backhoe loader is compact construction equipment operated by one person that covers the ground for three machines. It is easily maneuvered since it is wheeled making it very efficient during construction, especially a DIY home construction.

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