The Difference between a Skid-Steer Loader and a Backhoe

A construction site is a myriad of different types of jobs. Some of the small jobs done around the construction site like digging the foundation or trenches, clearing of debris after a demolition, clearing the ground in preparation to dig the foundation and probably handling materials can be done by either a backhoe or a skid-steer loader. However, the choice between the two rests solely on the kind of job that gets to be done.

A backhoe is more flexible equipment. It is a two-in-one machine; it has a loader on the front and an excavator on the back. Combined, they perform a lot of small jobs around the construction site like digging or continuously moving materials with the loader. It is lighter and faster than the skid steer. It is also higher therefore you have a wider visibility especially when handling materials.

The skid-steer loader on the other hand is not a simple machine. It comes with its own advantages. First, it is much smaller than a backhoe hence can fit in very small spaces. In addition, this equipment can be attached with many accessories on the front end which makes it more versatile than a backhoe. It also does not require any license to drive around. A skid steer can be transported very easily using a small trailer hence it is very easy to transport to and from construction sites.

Both the Skid-steer loader and the backhoe loader have special uses. Some contractors prefer to have both on their construction sites. This said, you can choose which suits the kind of work you need done. You will also need to consider the distance to be covered around the site, and the versatility of the equipment. The skid steer can be used with more attachments as opposed to a backhoe.

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