What You’ll Need When You’re Pruning a Tree

When trees start poking into power lines or annoyingly spread over your property, then it is time to prune. Late winter is the most appropriate time to start pruning. This is because during this time plants and trees are dormant and removing outlying branches will do very minimal damage to the health of the tree. To prune trees you will require either a chain saw or some shears.

Next, rent a scissor lift from rental companies if you are not an experienced tree climber. There are two types: self-propelled, and one that can be towed behind a truck. The self-propelled ones extend to greater heights and are more stable. This is an important factor to consider before you rent one.

Trimming trees requires that you protect their health. Any damage to the trunk could cause critical damage to the tree therefore you will need to locate the stem collars when trimming the limbs. This is to ensure the tree heals quickly. You will need to cut the branches at the point where the branch meets the trunk. A man lift will help you be at a decent height against the tree in order to achieve this. You should not be on an unstable platform like a ladder that may cause movements, causing you to miss the trimming precision.

The important thing about pruning trees is balancing. You will also need to get to the apex of the tree for younger trees, or the branches that you wish to trim on older trees. An aerial lift comes in handy especially if you are doing the pruning yourself. You need to concentrate to ensure that you do not cut the stem collar or branch thereby ruining the tree altogether. You need to be slightly distanced from the tree in such a way that the cut limbs do not affect the arm of the boom lift.

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