What Rental Accessories are Available for an Aerial Lift?

You will need an aerial lift to complete construction work or an above ground maintenance job that exceeds the use of a ladder. While they may not be an everyday machine in construction work, they are useful especially when doing maintenance work. The good news is that you can rent them if you are adept at using them. Therefore, it is important to understand the different features that help perform different types of construction tasks. The lifts are either self-propelled, mounted on vehicles or do not require power.

Rental companies will avail the accessories they have for any kind of a lift you wish to rent from them. They may not stock all the accessories available in the market, but they always have the essentials. It is vital to know the limitations and specifications of each accessory although most rentals will be willing to help. Alternatively, you can refer to the available manuals.

The essential accessories include:

  • Basket accessories like a basket cover.
  • Boom lift belt anchorage that should have a ratchet binder attachment, and anti-slip rubber pads under ring and ratchet.
  • Handyman protective gear like a basic helmet with multiple point suspension with chin strap holes, a bungee lanyard specifically made for a man lift, and safety waist belt.
  • Hydraulic accessories: These can differ depending on the applications. You can get tree pruning accessories like circular saws, pruning accessories, and other hydraulic cutting accessories.
  • Scissor lift, especially those mounted on vehicles requires more specialized accessories: lighting equipment like floodlights for illumination when working in dark places that are not naturally well lit; onboard welder; self-contained generators, inverters and air lines to power tools; pipe racks or cradles to provide additional storage for conduit or pipe; and panel carriers.


These accessories are vital in enhancing the productivity of the lift, as well as increasing safety. Some of the accessories are used to protect the equipment itself.

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