Cloud is Like Water – You Need it

An Interview on Small Business Technology Trends with Ramon Ray, Editor of Smallbiztechnology

We recently sat down with Ramon Ray, editor of and lover of small business, to hear his perspectives on the landscape of technology and small business, technology trends small business owners should be cognizant of, and what’s in the future for small business technology.

What are the key technology trends affecting small business owners?

What small business owners really want and need are products and services that help them manage their day-to-day operations. With that being said, the ability to collaborate across offices easily is a big thing right now. Back in the day, working from home was taboo, but it’s the norm now, so companies that offer SMBs the ability to stay in contact with their team from anywhere are really thriving. Also, online marketing is big because it’s just easy for small businesses to execute.

Are small businesses starting to use cloud technology more?

Cloud is like water, you need it. There shouldn’t be any more discussion about it. It’s like WiFi. It’s there, so SMBs should be using it. Everybody is adopting cloud technology, and I don’t know anyone who isn’t using it. If there are businesses not using cloud technology, then they’re not serious about business.

How can small business owners use cloud technology to grow their business?

Cloud gives SMBs the nimbleness they need. Using cloud technology, anybody can start and grow a company from anywhere without ever having to rent office space. Also, with cloud communications technology, an SMB owner can enlist top talent from all over the world and be able to communicate with their team regardless of location.

Do you see updated technology blurring the lines between SMB and large corporations?

I think cloud technology enables SMBs to be nimble but have the capabilities of a large corporation, e.g. collaboration, publishing, enlisting top talent, etc. SMBs are SMBs because they want the special business touch that only SMBs can offer, but having technology that lets them be efficient is important, too.

What do you think is in the future for cloud technology?

Speed of communication and continuation of being nimble.

What advice would you give small business owners?

Don’t be afraid. Stick to your core competencies. Test out things, and then hire expert help for execution. Keep your pulse on the competition, and remember – the world is ripe for anything.

About Ramon Ray – As a journalist and writer, Ramon has written thousands of articles (product reviews, interviews and more) about technology for small businesses. His work appears in Smallbiztechnology and also PC World,, Entrepreneur, Inc. OPEN Forum, Cnet, Black Enterprise, New York Enterprise Report, Black Enterprise Magazine, CNet, Var Business, TechTarget,, Small Business Resources and others.

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