What the 7 minute workout can teach us about product packaging

Have you heard of this thing, the 7 minute workout? Maybe not but you already know what it’s made up of; jumping jacks, push-ups, sit ups, etc. The thing is that someone (not sure who) combined these exercises we all have known about for years into a routine called the 7 minute workout. While there is debate as to the effectiveness of this workout, there is no debate that it has inspired a number of smartphone apps, dedicated web sites, blog posts, articles, research papers and YouTube training videos. The workout is very simple and requires nothing but a chair so the barriers to try it are very low.

As a marketer, this concept really makes you stop and think about product packaging. What products, features, offerings, etc. might any of our businesses possess that, when packaged and presented in the right way, will create a valuable new offering? As a software company, this makes us think about industry-specific solutions, modular feature subsets or simplified product versions. Companies like Zendesk have taken features that theoretically exist in popular CRM systems and bested them by focusing on a single area (customer service) and doing it much better but also marketing it much better. The customer begins to see this new offering as ‘best of breed’ and is attracted to it when perhaps similar features exist in a software solution he or she has already purchased. Here at ClickDimensions we use Zendesk (learn how) despite the fact that customer service features already exist for free for us in our CRM system.

For something that is completely the opposite of the 7 minute workout, consider Gigi’s. They specialize in cupcakes which is yet another thing that has been in existence for years. However, the updated packaging and positioning make us consider that perhaps we should have cupcakes instead of a regular cake for our birthdays or wedding receptions.

What can you position differently to make a revenue impact to your business?

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