Enhancing images with the new ClickDimensions drag and drop designer

Our new drag and drop designer (from the October 15th 2013 release) makes it easier than ever to create, edit, and format your email templates. With a built-in graphics editor, it does the same for your images. You can easily upload your images, tweak them with professional or fun effects, and insert the finished product directly into your message. Here’s a breakdown of the different options available in our editor and what they do.


To get started, we first need to add in an image. Click on a block that holds an image and choose “select image” on the right to choose your image.




Once you’ve added one, you can edit it by clicking on the block it’s inside. On the right you’ll notice options under “Content”. Choose the icon with the mountains and the sun to open up the editor.



The editor will pop up. There are three different rows of options you can scroll through on the top.



Enhance – “Enhance” speaks for itself. It gives you options to run “Hi-Def”, “Illumination”, or “Color Fix” tools on your image for some quick cleaning-up.

Effects – These include pre-set color filters and overlays to change the impression of your image. This can help give your image a nostalgic or modern feel, for example, depending on the effect you choose.

Frames – You can use a variety of frames as a border to your image.

Stickers – Add shapes including stars, hearts, glasses, hats, and text balloons for a causal or quirky effect.

Crop – Cut out any unwanted parts of your image.

Resize – You can resize your image to any height and width you like. Click the lock to prevent automatic scaling.

Orientation – Rotate or mirror your image.

Focus – Select a portion of your image (either circular or rectangular) and everything else will be slightly blurred.



Brightness, Contrast, Saturation – Manually increase or decrease the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your colors. This can toggle the vividness and how sharp the colors stick out against one another.

Warmth – Exaggerates the warm colors (reds, yellows, and oranges), or the cool colors (greens, blues, and purples).

Sharpness – Can enhance the details of your image and remove any “fuzziness”.

Splash – Shows you a greyscale version of your image and you can manually paint over which areas you’d like to have the original color. Using the “Smart Color” brush will detect whichever is the majority color in the selector and only restore that color.



Draw – Simply lets you draw or write freehand over your image. Make sure to click “Set Color” after choosing your draw color.

Text – Type any text you like over your image. You can change colors and fonts as well.



Redeye, Whiten, and Blemish – Removes undesirable features from photographs.


You also have tools to zoom in and to undo or redo any changes you’ve made.



When you’re done, click “Save”.


Your newly-edited image will be added into your template automatically.


A version will also be stored with your other images in the Image Manager as well, so you can easily add it into other templates, too. Have fun!


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