Omnilink® Shares Insight at IoT Conference

November 12, 2013 – The first ever Internet of Things Day event in Chicago brought Omnilink together with other M2M thought leaders to shed light on the growing Internet of Things phenomenon.

The event, sponsored by the Illinois Technology Association, featured five panel discussions that explored the opportunities posed by M2M adoption—smart cities, smart grids, mobile health, smart cars, smart logistics, and more—and the increased efficiency, cost-savings, and life-saving potential they offer. Panelists also elaborated on the obstacles to M2M adoption, and challenges posed by M2M proliferation.

Steve Hudson, chief development officer of Omnilink, shared insight on the potential challenges to privacy posed by M2M on the panel entitled “Impediments in Getting to the Internet of Things.” Hudson discussed Omnilink’s landmark senior tracking solution, Comfort Zone®, built in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association in 2009. Comfort Zone enables the family members of those with Alzheimer’s and dementia the ability to receive alerts and locate their loved if they have wandered or become lost. Its intended use has undeniable, potentially life-saving benefits, but all unintended uses—such as “Joe Consumer” tracking his spouse without her knowledge—are an invasion of privacy.

The Internet of Things Day is one of the many mobile and M2M-focused events Omnilink thought leaders contribute to every year.

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