Live testing your ClickDimensions emails

We’ve talked about the Spam Assassin report in the past, but another benefit of using the Test function within an Email Send is the live test that will arrive in your inbox. The Test Emails field can contain multiple email addresses–as many as you want–just separate them with a semi-colon (;).

Not only does this give you a live test in your inbox that you can see and interact with, but you can also test in multiple email clients this way.

In this example, I’m adding two email addresses and will check the results in three different places: Outlook 2013, Gmail, and my Android phone.

When I click test, the email is delivered to my two different addresses, and I open the email in three different places.

Outlook 2013:



You may also want to consider adding on co-workers or others who use different services. In my case, I might reach out to a friend who uses Yahoo and has an iPhone to see if they wouldn’t mind giving the mail a once-over as well. Finally, this test is unlimited, so feel free to test as much as you want until the email is to your liking.

Note: Please remember that dynamic content does not populate in test emails and the email will not be tracked. If you’d like to see that in action, which we do recommend, it’d be a good idea to create a Lead or Contact record for yourself and send the email to your own Lead or Contact. Once that looks good, you can Clone the email and send it out to the intended audience.

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