Manage auto responses with a separate “Reply To” email address

Do you send your bulk emails from your CEO? As soon as you send that email does he or she get hundreds of out of office emails? Well, we’ve got something for you!

In our latest release, we added an option in the Advanced Settings area of the Email Send to let you choose a different reply to address. So you can still send the email from your CEO, but any auto responses will go to a different address.

We like to go through those emails quickly and see if any of them say that that person has since left the company. We take those people off of our mailing lists and deactivate that Contact record in CRM. If they tell us we should contact someone else instead, we put that person in CRM, but we do not automatically add them to our marketing lists as they should still opt-in on their own accord. This helps keep our lists clean for future sends.

You can see more about this Reply to field here. In the Email Send, just scroll down to the Advanced Settings area, open that and put in your Reply to email address and save!

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