Keeping Your Permission-Based Email Addresses Clean

cleaningEffective email marketing relies on excellent deliverability – getting your emails to your recipients’ inboxes – and excellent deliverability requires making sure that you establish and maintain an excellent sender reputation.

As your Email Service Provider, ClickDimensions works around the clock to monitor and maintain our email systems’ reputation. We use leading techniques and testing to ensure that our platform provides the best deliverability possible. However, deliverability relies as much on your efforts as on ours. Part of the equation that you control is the quality of your data.

Here are some tips for keeping your data nice and clean:

  1. Permission, permission, permission. Always use opt-in methods to gain the permission of your prospects and customers to send them email. Never use third-party lists (our terms & conditions forbid it). Build your lists organically through permission – you’ll get better results and you won’t risk being blacklisted for spamming.
  2. Ask your audience to keep you up-to-date. It’s a good practice to ask your recipients to update you if their information changes. You can use the ClickDimensions’ Profile Management feature for this. Including a link to the profile management form in your monthly newsletter is a great way to let people keep their data clean for you!
  3. Clean up your lists from time to time. Even when following the best practices for maintaining your data, it can get out-of-date or include typos and other inconsistencies. Here are a few services that you can consider using to clean up your permission-based marketing lists. (We do not have a relationship with any of these providers, so do your homework before using any of them.)

    Email List Cleaning Services
    Email Validator

Happy (clean!) marketing!

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