Transactional Advertising: Electronic receipts and landing pages

Nowadays many people prefer to receive receipts electronically instead of on paper. There is good reason for this: reduced paper and ink use, easy reproducibility, simplified recordkeeping, even the simplicity of hitting the “email me” button on a tablet-as-register. Web based businesses may send electronic receipts exclusively.

Retail software with electronic receipt functionality normally gives you the ability to customize the receipt’s content, providing an excellent opportunity to market to those with a proven interest in your products or services. Including information on a product or special offer puts that information in front of the customer’s eyes without the need to send a separate marketing email, thus generating additional traffic and sales that may not have been otherwise attainable.

ClickDimensions landing pages are especially useful for this kind of transactional advertising. A landing page serves as a goal-based web page that presents the viewer with information on a product, service, or event. Embedding a form within the landing page can allow the viewer to make a purchase, register for an event, or request additional information. Further, ClickDimensions and CRM give you the ability to see usage statistics and initiate sales and marketing processes based on viewer interaction with the landing page. Clearly, every opportunity to put a landing page in front of a potential or existing customer’s eyes should be seriously considered.

Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your electronic receipts and landing pages:

Use Link Text: Use the “Embed as Link” URL from the landing page designer in your electronic receipt, but be sure to set link text so that the recipient sees something akin to “click here” instead of the full embed URL. Clean link text is more appealing than a full URL.

Embed a Form onto the Landing Page: Your landing page gives the viewer all of the information they need to decide whether or not to make a purchase. Great! Make that decision easier by embedding a form as an iFrame or widget so that the returning customer can indicate interest directly on the landing page. You could even use this form to collect additional information on the customer that can help your marketing and sales teams be even more effective in the future! Read more about embedding web content

Form Actions: You can set form actions to run automatically upon submission. Send a follow up email, notify a member of the sales or marketing team, notify an entire team, initiate a campaign response or follow up task, add the interested party to a marketing list, or assign that respondent’s record to a team member. One or all of these can be set to run automatically as soon as the “Submit” button is clicked. Read more about form actions

Nurture Programs: A nurture program can further automate marketing processes by scheduling a series of actions to be taken on the lead or contact that is run through the nurture. Send an email, wait a few days, check to see if the email was opened, notify a user and send a follow up email, run a CRM workflow, etc. You can even set branching paths so that the specific actions taken on a lead or contact depends on how they have interacted with your emails. Running someone through a nurture program is as simple as placing an “Add to Marketing List” action on your embedded form. See how to create a nurture program

Transactional advertising is a great way to turn one sale into another and keep customers engaged with your business. Unobtrusive marketing to existing customers, data collection, automated marketing processes, and sustained customer engagement… All of this just for including some marketing copy and a link on your electronic receipts!

Written by Weston Packard, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

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