We’re extending the FREE Picmonic for Nursing Beta!

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Best news ever?!

With our ongoing visits to campuses on the Picmonic Tour and appearances at various nursing conferences, we’ve had a recent influx of new users signing up for the Picmonic for Nursing beta. Students and educators alike are excited about the concept behind Picmonic and the benefits that it can bring to the nursing education process. To ensure that these users have a chance to fully try out and use the product, we have decided to extend the Picmonic for Nursing beta period! What exactly does that mean? This means that new users and ongoing users can continue to use the Picmonic for Nursing product free of charge for the immediate future!masthead-nursing

Extending our free beta period will give users who are just now discovering Picmonic the same opportunity to try out our Picmonic for Nursing beta for free! Students attending the schools we have yet to visit on the Picmonic Tour as well as students and educators that we will meet at upcoming nursing conventions will be afforded the same opportunity to use the free beta as students and educators from schools and conventions that we have already attended.

We want everyone to have a chance to try out the free beta. When we decide on a launch date we will be sure to give you plenty of notice. In the meantime, relax and enjoy your continuing free access to the Picmonic for Nursing beta and feel free to send us any feedback on the product.

Happy studying!

– The Picmonic Team

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