Preparing Your Email Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

Hoiliday2014 seems to be going by very quickly! The end of the year will be here in a matter of weeks.  If the task of preparing your email marketing strategies for the holiday season seems daunting, don’t panic! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you gear up your holiday marketing plan:

  1. Slim Down. Check your Marketing Lists, Contacts, Leads, and Accounts within CRM.  Now is the time to take care of any duplications or update any records.  Remember, ClickDimensions automatically de-duplicates email addresses as the Email Sends are executed!  It might be hard to cut some of these records, but what you’re actually doing is trimming the fat and keeping the records that are most likely to drive results.  See our prior post about re-engaging inactive subscribers. Many organizations may practice this in light of the New Year, which makes sense, but you’ll be able to benefit from this practice as we head into the holiday season, as email marketing activity escalates.
  2. Check Automation. What is the state of your automated processes?  Is everything updated and ready to execute for the holiday season? Have you checked your Auto Responders, Workflows, and Nurture Programs? Have you tested the functionality with test Marketing Lists?  If not, test them now!  Make sure the records you are generating are mapping correctly.
  3. Involve Your Recipients. Advertisement emails can be overwhelming – especially when the volume of marketing emails tends to increase this time of year. Engage your customers; include a “call to action” in your messaging. Generate excitement and activity by implementing more fun and engaging campaigns and emails. The holidays provide a great excuse for giveaways, contests, exclusive content, etc. This is easily achieved with ClickDimensions. Utilize Campaigns, Web Tracking, and Form Capture, even integrate with Social Media.
  4. Shorter is (Usually) Better. Keep your messages succinct – let them make the biggest impact in the most direct way. Now is a great time to utilize your best subject lines, include your most “clickable” templates (practice Split Testing to see which version generates the most clicks or opens). Everyone seems to have more to do with less time to do it during the holiday season. Don’t let possible customers pass up your emails just because they are too long!

These are just a few tips to keep your marketing strategy on track for the 2014 holiday season! Check out the links above to explore how ClickDimensions can work for you and help you achieve success in Marketing! Happy Holidays!

Written by Molly Lambeth, Marketing Success Manager at ClickDimensions


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