Death of the Spinning Wheel!

You’ve seen it. We’ve all hated it. But now it is finally gone!

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The Spinning Wheel that we have all seen time and time again when you first open up the Picmonic app is officially dead! Let the Picmonic community rejoice!

When you used to log in for the first time in the morning, you would see the wheel pop up saying that it was “reindexing your cards” and would last minutes at a time. We know the frustration of seeing the continuous spinning wheel when you are trying to log on and get some studying done. Trust us, we’ve spent countless hours stomping our feet and pulling our hair out while watching that wheel spin around and around, seeming like it will never end.

Now you can say goodbye to the annoying, frustrating dead time between when you log in and when you can start studying using Picmonic!

Card reindexing was a necessary evil. Without it, we would have been without many vital features like the search function. With lots of love and attention, our tech team has worked night and day to make is possible for us to remove the reindexing wheel while maintaining all app functionality. Users will no longer have to wait for their cards to reindex every morning. On top of the Spinning Wheel being gone (forever), the overall page load time throughout the app has decreased by 18% and we are continuing to work to make load times faster.

Happy studying and happy death to the Spinning Wheel!

-Matt & The Picmonic Team

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