Does Picmonic work for Physician Assistant students/PA Students?

We’ve recently had a few curious members interested in using Picmonic for PA school. Although the Audiovisual Learning System is tailored towards medical and nursing student curriculum, I wanted to share this testimonial from a current Physicians Assistant student member:

“[Picmonic} has definitely been applicable for me as a PA student. So, because our Physician Assistant curriculum somewhat “mirrors” that of Medical students’ curriculum, almost all of the topics overlap. As Physician Assistant students, we don’t go, as deep into some topics (such as biochem or much histology), but as far as coverage, pathophysiology, diagnostics, and treatments, it’s very similar).

Currently, I am in the midst of studying for my PA board, called the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certification Exam), and as I study my review book I follow along with Picmonic. There are still some topics that I would like to see on there, but y’all continue to add more and overall it has been immensely helpful and beneficial. Honestly, I’ve recommended it to many of my classmates.”

I encourage anyone interested in using Picmonic for PA school or any other program to take a look at our current content list located here to review the available content you are studying for. You might find that Picmonic is perfect for your PA studies. And if you do, tell us about your experience, we’d love to share it with other students that can benefit too!

Picmonic is incredibly helpful for remembering complex information including all the small details that we tend to forget. By pulling text book information and transforming the knowledge into memorable stories and characters through mnemonic methodologies – Picmonic developed a research-proven way to increase long-term memory retention over plain text based learning by 331%.

Think, “A picture is worth a thousand words”

It’s way easier to remember an image than it is to remember say, page 367, paragraph 3, highlighted in yellow… or was it pink?… in my BRS book. And that’s what we do. If you can remember a simple image – then you can remember the hundreds of need to know details that you often forget. Makes sense right?

So – Take a look at our content and try it for yourself.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think! Contact us at!

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